Rosa Della Hann Fouts 2/13/1881 - 3/18/1969

Husband: Orby Edwin Fouts 8/11/1883 - 3-25-1970

Married: 6/5/1946 (yes, 1946)

Children: Daisy (DeKilder) 8/24/1899

Orpha (Gimbel) 8/8/1910

Merle Fouts 7/27/1915

Siblings: Lydia and William

(3 Brothers not listed, died before 1897)

Mother: Nancy Louysia Sopher 2/25/1851 - 10/14/1897

Father: Andrew Marion Hann 4/15/1854 - 11/1/1897

Died 17 days after Nancy, reportedly of a broken heart.

Orby's Siblings: Earl, Willard, Retha and Daisy

Mother: Mary E. Ginkins 6/26/1856 - 12/26/1896

Father: John Fouts 3/24/1852-1937

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February 1963

(From the back inside cover, but I do not recommend this:
Cure for appendicitis
Take olive oil 1 oz. 3 times a day. Rub on turpentine to take out the pain.
Cure for Asthma and bronchitis:
Wild plum bark and whole mustard seed, steep make a tea, take before going to bed and in the morning.
Cure for Dropsy
Teas made from chestnut leaves, steep and drink in place of water. Cure in a few weeks.)

Friday, February 1, 1963
First day of February. I finished working my lilac dress over, it was too large across shoulders.
Saturday, February 2, 1963
Today is Ground Hog Day. Orpha called me said Dennise had a tooth, she was 3 months 8 days. She is so sweet. Dad went to Kalamazoo.
Sunday, February 3, 1963
It is a very nice day, snow is not so deep now, seems to be melting from the bottom.
Monday, February 4, 1963
I made some pies and did a little sewing, nice day. Baby Brian 1 month old today.
Tuesday, February 5, 1963
Ike came over and brought papers, Dad got new 4 tires, put on at Farnsworth at Plainwell. I did a wash.
Wednesday, February 6, 1963
Dad went to town, paid taxes. I did my ironing. So we will get money instead of putting in crops.
Thursday, February 7, 1963
I cleaned my house, sorted out some things to take to Arizona.
Friday, February 8, 1963
Nice day, Sun nice and bright. Sent $2.00 today for the Look for 26 issues.
Saturday, February 9, 1963
Went over to Daisy's to see program about sale on car on channel 6, then they also had wrestling match on same program. Rosie and Gerry come. We had a nice visit. I read letter Merle wrote to Daisy.
Sunday, February 10, 1963
We are home today, it is flaking a little snow. Orpha called said bud was going to bring her over tomorrow morning when he went to work and she was going to fix my hair with a Silver Curl.
Monday, February 11, 1963
Orpha come over early this morning and fixed my hair and we had a very nice time but my back is not good and headache. Dad ordered a new truss. Orpha gave me a framed picture of Dennise Rose Wesstra for my birthday.
Tuesday, February 12, 1963
Did not get any mail as it is Lincoln's Birthday. I vacuumed my floors, Dad mopped kitchen and bathroom. It is a nice day.
Wednesday, February 13, 1963
My Birthday today. (82) It is flaking snow and is not as nice a day as it was yesterday. Merle called up from Arizona on my birthday. Said Joyce was going to buy a house and was moving. Orpha called too, to wish me Happy Birthday. David was here for supper, he leaves tomorrow for Mesa, Arizona. He looks very well and he has signed up for 3 years in army in Korea, he had 30 day furlough.
Thursday, February 14, 1963
Claudia's Birthday, a sweet heart. We was home all day sorting out some things I want to take to Arizona. I guess Joyce will be moved when we get there.
Friday, February 15, 1963
I did some washing today, I am tired.
Saturday, February 16, 1963
Daisy was to see us, brought me a lovely music box and Butch gave me an ornament it is nice, It is flower with boy on it.
Sunday, February 17, 1963
Went to Orpha's had a nice time, saw the two new babies. Bob's boy is growing nice and Claudia's baby has 2 teeth and a big bouncing girl. (Brian and Dennise)
Monday, February 18, 1963
Packing to get ready to leave tomorrow morning.
Tuesday, February 19, 1963
Started to Arizona at 7 am, nice morning, nice day, got a short way when our mattress went off the top of car and we did not know what to do as we did not know if we could leave it lay there in road or no. Then a cop came up, talked awhile. Then we asked him and he said it was a shame to leave it, so he helped us load it in side of car. Stayed at Jeferson City $5.00, first night.
Wednesday, February 20, 1963
7 am. Well we drove stayed all night a Gunnon had nice weather. Feel tired.
Thursday, February 21, 1963
Started out and nice day, stayed all night at Lacrusa, but it snowed last night, we drove paid $4.50 for bed at Lacruisa, Mexico.
Friday, February 21, 1963
George Washington's Birthday. Got as far as home at noon. Stayed all night a home. Got a lunch at Bill's Drive Inn, was all tired out but Joyce had moved and we got at it and fixed things around to get some sleep. Joyce had house nice and clean for me and I sure was thankful for it. She's a sweet girl.
Saturday, February 22, 1963
Merle and Letha come over and we was glad to see them.
Sunday, February 23, 1963
Willard's come over, we all had a good time.
Monday, February 24, 1963
My Mother's Birthday. merle was here. Willard and Bessie had a good visit.
Tuesday, February 25, 1963
Merle was here so glad to talk to him I guess they will always stay in Arizona, the way they talk they sure like it in Arizona.
Wednesday, February 26, 1963
Bessie was here a while today, she don't stay too long, she don't look too good.
Thursday, February 27, 1963
We was to Willard's was there for dinner. Stayed saw Lucille, she is bad off. She is in bed most of the time. Willard and Bessi help them out when they can. (Lucille has arthritis)
Friday, February 28, 1963
Willard's was over, we went to look at a car, they are thinking of getting a different one.

January 1963

(Rosa will be 82 in February 1963, and Orby will be 80 in August 1963. They live at 8712 Douglas Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan on a 5 acre farm and have a winter home in Arizona, they still have several others that people are buying on land contracts. There are a lot of notations in this diary which I will share)

Tuesday, January 1, 1963
Was home all day, had Rose Bowl Parade California on, was nice but having a big thing like that cost lost of money.
Wednesday, January 2, 1963
Went to Orpha's, Dad went to Kalamazoo. Rosemary got a new dress suit, hat, coat, new shoes, Orpha got a nice hamper and paper basket. Her bath room is lovely. Bob came over a few minutes, looked nice. Orpha was not too well and I sure feel sorry for her. (Rosemary, I am 13 in 1963)
Thursday, January 3, 1963
electric Orpby paid for 1/2 of the massager got the massage from New York, I sent $10.10 Orby paid $5.05. I cleaned out my clothes closets and medicine cabinet, I got lot to do yet.
Friday, January 4, 1963
I did a small wash and wrote 6 letters, nice over head. Bob and Karla was presented with a big bouncing boy last night, around 2 o'clock, weigh 6 lb. 1 oz. Named Brian Kameron Gimbel.
Saturday, January 5, 1963
I did my ironing, cleaned front room, changed the furniture around, then Daisy's was over. Brought my jewel box she gave me Christmas, it is awful nice. I love it. tonight I am all tired out and will go to bed early 8 o'clock.
Sunday, January 6, 1963
Well, I feel better this morning and we did not get up till around 7 o'clock. I did not get to sleep till after midnight.
Monday, January 7, 1963
Orpha called said Karla was coming home today. Dad went to Plainwell and got tire fixed and got rubber for my 4 qt. cooker.
Tuesday, January 8, 1963
Stayed home did not feel too good. tried to clean up a little.
Wednesday, January 9, 1963
Went to Karla to see the baby. It is a nice baby but small, weight 6 lb. 1 oz, named Brian Kameron Gimbel.
Thursday, January 10, 1963
Sent package of hat and shoes to Lane Bryant, cost 54 cents to send it. Got car fixed, greased the universal joint at Fansworth Chevrolet cost $5.00.
Friday, Janaury 11, 1963
Sent to to Quanit Shop Folks at the foothills of the Burkshires, Westfield, Mass. Snowing some, I did a small wash today.
Saturday, January 12, 1963
It blew quite bad last night and drifted snow in driveway. I made 2 pumpkin pies.
Sunday, January 13, 1963
Went over to Daisy's for Sunday dinner had a lovely visit. I felt pretty good had baked ham and it was so good, nice and tender.
Monday, January 14, 1963
I did not feel too good.
Tuesday, January 15, 1963
I sorted out some of my old paper picture books yesterday. So I did not sleep till after 12 last night, I was tired.
Wednesday, January 16, 1963
I did not feel too good today, did not sleep well last night. Dad got a rabbit and I made gravy, he liked it.
Thursday, January 17, 1963
Dad is going to Kalamazoo and Dorothy, Ken and Butch was here a while. I sure enjoyed it. Dad went to Kalamazoo and sent order to Montgomery got a new filler for my red end pencil 51 cents tax and all.
Friday, January 18, 1963
Orby went to Plainwell to get tire fixed and took my glasses to have the glass pasted in. I did some wash and started to crochet a chair set, white with green for Dorothy. Dad is ironing his clothes. Dad went to Kalamazoo and ordered 4 tires from Aldens. Got my reorder from Lane Bryant, shoes fit, so id my hat. Haven't received stockings yet, my shoe no is 1148502 16 44b.
Saturday, January 19, 1963
I did my ironing, fixed my nightie, baked 2 pumpkin pies as I look for Daisy and Ike tomorrow. It is snowing small flakes of snow. I started to make Dorothy 3 piece chair set, white and green.
Sunday, January 20, 1963
Daisy's did not come. It was windy and bad, we stayed in all day.
Monday, January 21, 1963
I called Claudia, for if she had my shoe stretchers but she said she would see her Mother about it. Daisy said if it was too bad that Dorothy would not go to Ann Arbor Wednesday.
Tuesday, January 22, 1963
I crochet today. I phoned to Daisy and Orpha called me too. It snowed some more, Dad cleaned out driveway.
Wednesday, January 23, 1963
Today is Wednesday, went to Daisy's to get papers and we got papers and Daisy sent over a gift from Betty to Bob's baby.
Thursday, January 24, 1963
Well it is cold and stormy. I finished the chair set of Dorothy's. Kennedy is going to speak at 5 o'clock.
Friday, January 25, 1963
Today 5 months since I fell and hurt my back. Bought oil and got 4 new white wall tires and tubes, cost $112.99 also got my vitamins and dress. Claudia's baby is 3 months old, 2 teeth about through. (Dennise Rose Westra)
Saturday, January 26, 1963
Dad took the tires back to store as they were not what he sent for. I got money from the order I sent to Lane Bryant but have not received stockings yet, yet I ordered them January 2, 1963.
Sunday, January 27, 1963
I made an apple pie for dinner,. So we had fried much. I invited Daisy for dinner but she said some other time.
Monday, January 28, 1963
Went to Orpha's, took Bob's baby present. I was there to Orpha's for dinner. Rosemary was home. Bob gave me a large picture of him , Karla, Orpha, Bud and Karla's parents. Orby got his money from the tires, he did not want from Aldens and ordered some from Montgomery.
Tuesday, January 29, 1963
Claudia, Orpha and baby come over this afternoon. the baby is growing fast and acts like its teeth hurts it, went to sleep on my shoulder. (Dennise Westra)
Wednesday, January 30, 1963
Daisy and Ike came over, had a gift for Bob's baby and brought over some Gazette newspapers said Dorothy was better. I sent a box of things for Lila, curtains, material and other things. Sent letter to Lane Bryant about the stockings I ordered the 2nd day of January 1963.
Thursday, January 31, 1963
Last day of January and it was a nice day and snow is going some. They say we have lost 5 inches, it seems to melt from bottom.

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Mother and Father's Obituary

(Rosa has written this in the 1960, 1961, 1962 diary an February 9 and 10 pages.)

Nancy Louysia Sopher Hann born Feb. 25th, 1851 in the state of Ohio. Was married to Andrew Marion Hann, July 27, 1877.
To this union were bron 6 children: 4 boys and two daughters. 3 sons preceded her to the spirit land.
She died at LaFountain Indiana October 14th 1897 at 6 o'clock pm, age 46 years 7 months and 20 days. She leaves a husband, 3 children and many friends and relatives to mourn her departure.
And yet what comfort it is to know she reigns in heavenly bliss.
Funeral at the Courter Church, Cor 5, Chap 1 by Irvin Fisher.
Heaven now holds our treasure,
Earth her lonely casket keep and the sunbeams love to linger
Where our darling Mother sleeps.

Just 17 days later on Nov. 1st, 1897 at half past 8 o'colck am. in Denver Indiana, her husband Andrew Marion Hann died.
He was born April 15th, 1854 in Fulton Co. Indiana.
He united with the German Babtist Church June 1891. He lived a faithful life until death, age 43 years, 6 months and 27 days.
He leaves 3 children and many friends and relative tomourn his departure.

December 1962

(Last entry for this diary. Rosa is 81 and Orby is 79.
Somethings from this diary: Label pasted inside with this address, Roy E. Hann, 706 Orchard, Dowagic, Michigan. Note: Bought this diary form Walterfields, Chicago, Favinol liquid beauty skin, Hubere Cosmetics, good for dry skin. And their address: Mrs. Orby Fouts, 8712 Douglas Drive, Kalamazoo, Michigan and 1029 South George Drive, Tempe, Arizona)

Saturday, December 1, 1962
Stayed home all day and it was a dandy day. Orpha called so did Daisy. I called Dorothy.
Sunday, December 2, 1962
Nice day. Read the Bible nearly all day. I love it and hope to see my Lord Jesus some day.
Monday, December 3, 1962
Went to Orpha's and Karla come to with Brenda. Had dinner, I saw Rosemary.
Tuesday, December 4, 1962
Ironed my clothes and did some more wash.
Wednesday, December 5, 1962
Went to Allegan, bought 2 blankets, baby gift and Brenda and Patty gifts.
Thursday, December 6, 1962
Today we have around 7 inches of snow on ground. Dad went to Plainwell, I washed the blinds and Dad mopped the floor and I am wrapping Christmas presents. Sent Aldens.
Friday, December 7, 1962
I have a dreadful cold yet. Dad went to Plainwell to get a lamp for Rosemary. I got nearly all my packages wrapped.
Saturday, December 8, 1962
Got letter from Merle and Letha. I made me some onion tea as my cold is miserable. Had Dr. Topp form Plainwell.
Sunday, December 9, 1962
Home all day, sick. Lots snow on ground and still snowing.
Monday, December 10, 1962
Still snowing and i still have a cold. Our TV is gone haywire.
Tuesday, December 11, 1962
Called the TV man and he will come Thursday as his car is not running.
Wednesday, December 12, 1962
Yesterday, it snowed pretty hard, the snow is quite deep.
Thursday, December 13, 1962
It is flaking snow, not much. I am some better of my cold. The man come and fixed our TV. I think the snow is nearly 2 feet deep, seems so anyway.
Friday, December 14, 1962
Set around all day and coughed but am some better. Ironed a few pieces. Dad went to Otsego got papers.
Saturday, December 15, 1962
Sunday, December 16, 1962
Sat around all day with hard cold, lots of snow on ground.
Monday, December 17, 1962
Snow going away. Effie called and Dad answered.
Tuesday, December 18, 1962
Today I ironed and feel some better. Snow is melting fast.
Wednesday, December 19, 1962
Dad went to Plainwell to see about a gift for Butch. Daisy and Ike came and brought papers.
Thursday, December 20, 1962
Lots snow. Dad went to Plainwell. I am still sick. Sent letter to Mesa about place. I talked to Effie today.
Friday, December 21, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo to get a Birthday gift for Bud. I did not go as I am not yet over my cold. Dad saw Daisy and Ike at town and they talked to him. (Bud's Birthday 12-23-1907 Claude Henry Gimbel "Bud".)
Saturday, December 22, 1962
Daisy and Ike came over today and we exchanged gifts. It was so nice but I am not to well but happy.
Sunday, December 23, 1962
Well it has been a very windy snowy day but Bud, Orpha and Rosemary came. We had coffee and cake. Rosemary made the cake and brought it for Bud as it was his birthday. The plate revolves and plays Happy Birthday. It is nice. (Wonder where that plate went?)
Monday, December 24, 1962
I baked 2 pumpkin pies so we could enjoy them tomorrow on Christmas, our neighbor's dog got killed today.
Tuesday, December 25, 1962
Today is Christmas. We are staying home, as i don't feel good and Dad don't either. Looks like a nice day. Daisy called to wish us a Merry Christmas.
Wednesday, December 26, 1962
It was a nice day, looked for a letter from Merle. did not get it. We did a wash and it was a pretty nice day. Dried clothes in basement.
Thursday, December 27, 1962
Received letter from man in Mesa, had a home to sell. Washed today, got letter from Merle.
Friday, December 28, 1962
Did some more wash today. I called Orpha and Rosemary answered and said Orpha was not too well. Bob, Karla and Brenda was here, brought us a nice towel set.
Saturday, December 29, 1962
I called Orpha and Rosemary said she ws sick, that was this morning. Now Orpha called she is bad off with a strained back. I am sorry for her as I know how my back hurts.
Sunday, December 30, 1962
Claudia and Dennis and baby was here yesterday. She brought me a nice bath mat and stool cover, pink. It is nice. We was home all day, it was a pretty nice day.
Monday, December 31, 1962
This afternoon went to Daisy's for an hour as I thought I better not stay too long. Orpha is some better. I called her. Bud did not work today.

November 1962

Thursday, November 1, 1962
Went to Otsego, then went to Plainwell to look at used trailers. A gloomy day. Bought 1 quart of apple jelly 39 cents.
Friday, November 2, 1962
Today the new highway will be opened for traffic. (I believe she is talking about I94 or I131) We went to look at some trailers also the house on old US. They want $10,000.00 for it, but it is old house and small, but I think real nice location.
Saturday, November 3, 1962
Dad went on Alcott to see about a trailer. Dad went on highway to look at trailers on 216 near Marcellus.

Wednesday, November 7, 1962
Mrs. Auston said that Mr. Dennie's son-in-law died Sunday the 4th of November. Mrs. Roosevelt passed away.
Thursday, November 8, 1962
Was home all day, Orby went to Otsego got rubber heel for his shoes, got papers to read.
Friday, November 9, 1962
We went to Augusta to look at a house trailer, it was sold.
Saturday, November 10, 1962
Mrs. Roosevelt was buried. Daisy and Ike was here for supper as the men went to sale at Cooper. Dad bought curtain stretchers for 50 cents, I and Daisy stayed home.
Sunday, November 11, 1962
Nice day, stayed home all day but it was a very nice day.
Monday, November 12, 1962
Went over to Otsego as Ike wanted to pull his pipes as the city water was no good. Ken Boerman's and Gerry helped. Dorothy was there for dinner.
Tuesday, November 13, 1962
Today had apples for dinner and sausage got a letter from Joyce.
Wednesday, November 14, 1962
Orby went to Otsego after groceries. Daisy was her a while, I got her candy 29 cents, she wanted.
Thursday, November 15, 1962
Today seems nice day, made 2 pies pumpkin. Orby cultivated ground to get out weeds.
Friday, November 16, 1962
Today is drizzling but did some wash and hung in basement. I called Orpha and she is better from her cold. Claudia was there with baby.
Saturday, November 17, 1962
Did my ironing. Dad went to Otsego. Drizzling.
Sunday, November 18, 1962
Stayed home, our television went out and we missed it bad.
Monday, November 19, 1962
Today Orby is going to the dentist and I am going to Orpha's around noon. Will I saw Claudia's baby, she was at Orpha's and Karla was there also. (Karla Gimbel, Bob's wife)
Tuesday, November 20, 1962
Went to Daisy's. Ike is putting in a small cupboard for her to put in canned fruit.
Wednesday, November 21, 1962
Got 8 1/4 lb. butter, now have 10 1/4 lb. Baked cherry pie and made two crust for pumpkin pie. Daisy called and wanted us over for dinner so we will go.
Thursday, November 22, 1962
Thanksgiving. Went to Daisy's had a nice dinner and a good time. Rosie came over also Sandy and brought over gifts for Claudia. Our furnace has been on the bum since 2 am and it is cold in the house.
Friday, November 23, 1962
Got furnace fixed and then I washed some. Nice day.
Saturday, November 24, 1962
I did my ironing then made 2 pies pumpkin.
Sunday, November 25, 1962
Claudia, Dennis and baby was here. I gave them present from Rosie,Betty and Sandy.
Monday, November 26, 1962
I hemmed up Daisy and my dress.
Tuesday, November 27, 1962
I did some wash, made 2 pumpkin pies.
Wednesday, November 28, 1962
Washed clothes and ironed. Cleaned my venetian blinds and vacuumed the whole house.
Thursday, November 29, 1962
I will mop floors tomorrow. Our furnace is acting up again.
Friday, November 30, 1962
Came home this morning from Daisy's then in afternoon went to Orpha's, she still ad Claudia's baby. (Claudia got baby Dennise got really sick from cold or flu and Orpha took care of baby Dennise so Claudia could get well faster).

Friday, February 26, 2010

October 1962

(Rosa's back is better, and Claudia and Dennis Westra have their first daughter)

Monday, October 1, 1962
went to Doctor, stopped at Daisy's, her new linoleum looks good. Sent Montgomery a letter about the clock and ordered capsules vitamins.
Tuesday, October 2, 1962
Daisy went to Doctor today. I called Dorothy, she is not very good, said she stopped here with Chucky and we was not at home and Butchy was awful disappointed.
Wednesday, October 3, 1962
Daisy and Ike was here a while yesterday. I cleaned front room and cleaned blinds. I feel tired and hurt some.
Thursday, October 4, 1962
Washed out a few clothes. It is a cloudy day. I called Claudia, then Orpha as Claudia was not at home. I told her I would not be able to attend Karla's baby shower on Saturday. I mopped my kitchen.
Friday, October 5, 1962
I cooked and canned 4 qt. beets. orpha called, she said Bob and Rosemary are lots better and bob went to work and Rosemary to school.
Saturday, October 6, 1962
I am sending for one pen fillers. Dad mopped my bathroom. Then went to Kalamazoo. Claudia is having a baby shower on Bob and Karla and hope they get some real nice gifts.
Sunday, October 7, 1962
Stayed home all day.
Monday, October 8, 1962
Dad went to take Ike's ladder home. Drizzled rain this morning. Karla Bob's wife called me.
Tuesday, October 9, 1962
Went to Hardy's, he is some better but she looked bad, then went to Dennis'. Dennis and Dad went to Schoolcraft to get our car fixed, cost $2.00. We got home around noon.
Wednesday, October 10, 1962
I am cleaning a little.
Thursday, October 11, 1962
I am making two pumpkin pies, got money from Joyce and Merle.
Friday, October 12, 1962
I am sending for Work Basket Magazine for 1 year $1.00. I made baked apple dumplings for dinner. (How I wish I had that recipe!) Mrs. Dennis just called and said they were going to Florida next Wednesday, they will come her for dinner Sunday. Dad set out raspberries today.
Saturday, October 13, 1962
I received $10.00 on what Bud owed on small trailer. Bought 1/2 bushel Cortlands and 1/2 bushel Macintosh yesterday. Sent letter to Arlene. Dad finished setting out berries.
Sunday, October 14, 1962
Dennis' were here for dinner. We had a nice visit and they did not want to go to Florida very bad but Dorothea, their daughter wanted them so they will start Wednesday the 17th. (Dorothea McCalla, Fort Lauderdale)
Monday, October 15, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo to see about washer and I stayed to Orpha's. Claudia was there, they are going to see Doctor this afternoon, she looks quite big, I don't think it will be much longer.
Tuesday, October 16, 1962
I did some wash, not much.
Wednesday, October 17, 1962
Dennis had breakfast at Austins. Orpha called, she was washing. Claudia is fine yet, Daisy called, she said Dorothy went to Ann Arbor, not very good.
Thursday, October 18, 1962
Orby got his hair cut. I did some ironing. It hurt my back.
Friday, October 19, 1962
Went to Daisy's, she was not feeling too good, said she wanted to go to Ann Arbor, but did not feel like it. We got a tax letter from the tax collector and Fencemaker has not paid any taxes since he bought place.
Saturday, October 20, 1962
Went to Orpha's this afternoon as there was a furniture sale across from her and Dad wanted to go. It was drizzling rain when we left Orpha's to come home. we went to 1023 Alcott to look at a 16 foot trailer.
Sunday, October 21, 1962
Went to Decatur to see Earl's, they were pretty good. Stopped to see trailer at Paw Paw.
Monday, October 22, 1962
Did not do much of anything. Washed out a few things.
Tuesday, October 23, 1962
I vacuumed all my floors and my back did not feel too good.
Wednesday,October 24, 1962
I feel pretty good today. I defrosted my refrigerator this morning. Listening to television about the crisis in Cuba.
Thursday, October 25, 1962
Flaking snow, by noon 2 inches fell. Claudia went to Hospital last night, it is 5 o'clock and she has not had the baby yet. Man to fix TV come fixed it and we paid $6.90. The baby was born around six o'clock. (Dennise Rose Westra) Daisy said Dorothy was coming home, Doctors there gave the case up, too bad.
Friday, October 26, 1962
We still have around 2 inches of snow but sun shining. Grandma Orpha sounds real proud of her grand daughter named Dennise Rose Westra.
Saturday, October 27, 1962
Went to Daisy's and Dorothy came, she said she was going to Ann Arbor again got some newspapers. Daisy did not feel too good. Snow all gone, nice day.
Sunday, October 28, 1962
Was home all forenoon.
Monday, October 29, 1962
I guess Russia is going to get his arms out of Cuba.
Tuesday, October 30, 1962
Still drizzling rain. Claudia come home this afternoon with baby.
Wednesday, October 31, 1962
Went and saw Claudia's baby. It's a big bouncing girl, 8 lb. 7 oz. Dennise Rose, it is a nice baby.

September 1962

Saturday, September 1, 1962
Daisy and Ike, Clare and his girl friend, Rosie, Jerry and Sharon was here.
Sunday, September 2, 1962
Claudia and Dennis married one year today. I am still sore but gaining, my back so weak. I went out to table to eat.
Monday, September 3, 1962
I paid $16.00 on my Doctor bill of $28.00. Doctor made 4 trips at $7.00 a trip.
Tuesday, September 4, 1962
I sit up some today. I feel some better but back so weak. Dad is not too good,
his belly hurts him, always go to toilet by myself.
Wednesday, September 5, 1962
Got letter from Effie, some better. Orby cut grass today, got paid from (can't read) maker and social security.
Thursday, September 6, 1962
Went to table this morning. Wrote letter to Effie and sent Ardith $5.00 check for her wedding Sunday the 9th. Orpha called was going to take Bud to Doctor as he had heart trouble. Orpha and Bud was here a short time, they had just come from Dr. Klerk's but don't look too good. Orpha looks tired and weary. I have sit up more today than before, back weak.
Friday, September 7, 1962
Got up this morning, went to table, feeling better. I cleaned the ice off the refrigerator, sure a job. I know it is hard on me, but I did it.
Saturday, September 8, 1962
Got up went to table, ironed my dress and the pillow cases, did not feel too good but done it. Always go to toilet my self and have been every since Sunday and Monday the 26th. I always went my self as i could do better than Dad helping me.
Sunday, September 9, 1962
Well today is Ardith's wedding day, we sent her a check. Ardith Vandenburg. I helped Orby make scalloped potatoes for dinner today. It was real good. Dad only help me Sunday night till 12 o'clock, then went to bed. Sunday 26th and one night he put quilt over me.
Monday, September 10, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo after paint. It sure is raining. I called Daisy and she said it rained hard there last night. Pretty wet for the Allegan fair. My back hurts me a lot this morning but I slept fairly last night. Earl and Edith was here a while. They looked pretty good. Stella Musselman will be buried tomorrow. Blanch called to tell Earl. I fried meat today.
Tuesday, September 11, 1962
Dennis' was here a while this afternoon. My back still sore. I made a lemon pie but Orby helped me. I had scalloped potatoes for dinner, I cooked by myself.
Wednesday, September 12, 1962
Today Orby's cousin Stella Musselman is going to be buried. Dad set out some tulips, I cooked cabbage for dinner today. Wrote Merle a card. I got apple jack for dinner.
Thursday, September 13, 1962
I feel some better. Slept pretty good last night. Orby called up Pete, Effie answered, she is awful weak but can see and come home before time. Her eyes better. I had cabbage for dinner.
Friday, September 14, 1962
Ike and Ken come for the pipe. I am awful sore in my back. I may go to Doctor tomorrow or have him come here. Had liver for supper, I got it.
Saturday, September 15, 1962
Today at 9 o'clock, I have been 3 weeks sick. I am taking it easy today as I felt so bad yesterday. Daisy called and said Rosie's neighbor died. Some better, did no cooking.
Sunday, September 16, 1962
So here I am some better. I guess gaining slowly. Dad pulled grass. I made scalloped potatoes for dinner myself.
Monday, September 17, 1962
Today Dad went to Kalamazoo, sold some small tomatoes.
Tuesday, September 18, 1962
Went to Otsego first time. Stood ride pretty good, got home 10 am.
Wednesday, September 19, 1962
Orpha came over to fix my hair but we both decided we would wait till Friday. Had a nice visit. Orby went and got her and took her home.
Thursday, September 20, 1962
I am gaining in my back.
Friday, September 21, 1962
Wore my corset first time nearly all day. Orby started painting house, got one end painted.
Saturday, September 22, 1962
4 weeks this morning at 9 o'clock, since i hurt my back. I tried to clean my stove a little, was thinking of mopping bath and kitchen but give it up as i hurt too much, washed the kitchen rug.
Sunday, September 23, 1962
Nice day but we stayed home. Dennis' wanted us to come for dinner but I did not feel up to it, had scalloped potatoes for dinner. Dad is out moving the grass, he has a blood shot eye.
Monday, September 24, 1962
Went to Orpha's, she was to fix my hair but did not have directions, so we had a good time visiting. Saw Orpha's new vinyl she is going to put on bathroom cost 44 cents a block. It is real pretty.
Tuesday, September 25, 1962
Felt a little stiff and sore, guess we rode around too much. Stopped at bodyshop and saw Bud and Bob, Virg, and Dennis. Dad got radiator fixed.
Wednesday, September 26, 1962
Met Deloris Bolton taking up supscriptions for papers to win trip. Washed clothes, am sore today.
Thursday, September 27, 1962
I ironed clothes today. Fell some better. Orpha called, I may get my hair done tomorrow, got hair fixed. Claudia was her too.
Friday, September 28, 1962
I did small wash, Dad is painting.
Saturday, September 29, 1962
Don't feel too good. Will go to Doctor next Monday.
Sunday, September 30, 1962
Stayed home, Daisy and Ike come over. Dad had been painting, brought papers. She is going to Doctor Tuesday for a check up.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

August 1962

(Rosa gets too frisky and hurts her back.)

Wednesday, August 1, 1962
Ike and Dad went to Crooked Lake today and stayed quite late, got over 40 fish. They were quite nice. Daisy stayed with me, we had a good time. It was nearly 11 o'clock when we got in bed.
Thursday, August 2, 1962
Dad is gone to Kalamazoo after my order from Aldens. We got up this morning 15 to 7 o'clock.
Friday, August 3, 1962
It is nice day, but dry weather. I have to send nearly all my order back. Dress too large, stockings too sheer and corset has no back, just strips across shoulder. I kept panties, they were too large but I thought I might wear them.
Saturday, August 4, 1962
It is nice and cool this morning. Orby and Ike went to sale in Otsego. I stayed with Daisy, they did not buy anything.
Sunday, August 5, 1962
Went to Claudia's for dinner, got there around eleven. Had a good time and dinner. She had bought a Birthday cake for Dad, it was good. She sent the part we did not eat home, said they did not use much cake. It tasted just like the one she had for her wedding and it sure was good. We had a good time, left there 3:30pm.
Monday, August 6, 1962
It is raining, I want to go over to Orphas to spend the day, as it is Rosemary's birthday, she will be 13 years old today. there were around 14 girls there, they sure had a good time, she got lots of gifts. (Yeah, but my best birthday was when I was 8, I got a Cocker Spaniel puppy, best birthday ever)
Tuesday, August 7, 1962
I vacuumed all my house, cleaned my blinds and did wash, my 2 rugs. I am tired. Went over to Daisy and Ike's and Dad went fishing at Crooked Lake got quite a few, then Donald come over and gave them a lot more. Did not get home till after 10 pm. Tomorrow we are going with Ike, Donald and Leila and Daisy fishing at Big Lake.
Wednesday, August 8, 1962
Went fishing with Donald, Lila, Donna, Ike and Daisy went too. They caught 17 in all. I did not catch any, neither did Dad. It was a very windy day.
Thursday, August 9, 1962
It is a very nice day. Clare (Fouts) came for dinner had a long talk. Had chicken, gravy, potatoes, corn, tomatoes and pie for dinner. Orpha called me and said she and Bud was fishing yesterday.
Friday, August 10, 1962
Dorothy goes to Ann Arbor today. Orpha called and Dad went over and brought her and Rosemary over for dinner. We had corn, potato salad, tomatoes, plums and pie. Had a nice visit. We 3 played Bingo. Orpha gave Dad $5.00 for his birthday.
Saturday, August 11, 1962
Dad's Birthday.(79 years) We went to Otsego to Daisy, then Ike and Dad went to sale on Franklin Street. They did not buy anything. Bud, Orpah and Rosemary came over, we had coffee and cake. I gave Orby a $10.00 bill for his Birthday, he gave me nothing on mine, I feel awful hurt.
Sunday, August 12, 1962
Stayed home all day, we thought of going to Earl Fouts, but changed our minds.
Monday, August 13, 1962
I did a big wash, it looked like rain but they all dried before noon, it did not rain.
Tuesday, August 14, 1962
I did my ironing.
Wednesday, August 15, 1962
Orpha paid $100.00, Joyce paid $25.00. Orpha and Karla, Rosemary and Brenda was her a while. Claudia got a new Frigidaire washer today. (Brenda is Karla's daughter from a previous marriage, she will become a Gimbel)
Thursday, August 16, 1962
I washed out my bathroom rugs and few other things.
Friday, August 17, 1962
Went and go peaches over by Plainwell, Daisy and Ike went also.
Saturday, August 18, 1962
Stayed home and cleaned the house, baked cherry pie, crochet on my dresser scarf.
Sunday, August 19, 1962
Went to Dennis' for dinner, then went to Howard Lake to visit (blank spot) and wife, had very nice visit, then come back to Dennis' had ice cream. He gave us 2 cucumbers. We took them some peaches we bought.
Monday, August 20, 1962
My head aches pretty bad, it is raining this morning.
Tuesday, August 21, 1962
I did my wash and ironing. Dad had 4 shirts in wash.
Wednesday, August 22, 1962
Orpha is coming over and get me and I will go over to Claudia's to see her new washer. It is a Frigidaire. Daisy just called, she got a new RCA television. I went with Orpha and Rosemary. Claudia had our dinner and then went ot Bobs, saw their house, had a good day.
Thursday, August 23, 1962
Went to see Daisy's new RCA television, it is nice, a 23 inch picture. I come home, had dinner then finished my dresser scarf. Yesterday I went up on the corner store, Town and County, was the first time, I never saw it before.
Friday, August 24, 1962
Today is Daisy's Birthday (63 years old) I called but she did not answer. I guess she is gone some where. Went to Daisy, took gift to her $5.00. I wanted to buy her something but did not get to town.
Saturday, August 25, 1962
This morning I cleaned my breezeway, then I did a small wash and Dad washed out some overalls and his truss and two old shirts. I went to hang up shirts and the door did not shut. I turned around real quick, got dizzy and fell, hurt my back. Had to crawl to the bedroom.
Sunday, August 26, 1962
Commenced to help myself to the toilet by a chair, this morning, as it was better to have Orby as I know just how bad I want to walk. Suffered all day. Ike and Daisy come over, then Ike and Dad went after their big chair, but my back hurt so bad I could not sit in it.
Monday, August 27, 1962
Orpha was here till after dinner. Daisy came over, had Dr. Goddard, he gave me Vitamin B1 shot, Bob and Karla was here a while this evening. Got letter from Rosa, she said Ida Newman was buried the 24th of August. Effie called she is having trouble with her eyes, went ot Mayo Hospital. (Rosa Marie Newman Myers 1906-1985, she is Lydia's daughter, I'm not sure where Ida fits in, I will work on that)
Tuesday, August 28, 1962
My back still is bad, but at 1:30 oclock I got in the big chair and have been in it now 2 hours, pushed chair to toilet.
Wednesday, August 29, 1962
Doctor was here, gave me another shot. Daisy and Orpha was here, Orpha did a little wash. Daisy came in evening got cars from Dorothy and Butch. She is so bad herself.
Thursday, August 30, 1962
Wrote to Merle. Got oil today.
Friday, August 31, 1962
Doctor came, I am awful sore but can help myself to toilet.

July 1962

(Rosa is 81, Orby is soon to be 79, they both still work hard and are always busy)

Sunday, July 1, 1962
Stayed home all day. Effie and Pete came over awhile, they picked 2 boxes of cherries. I gave her a thimble, pin, needle and some goods to cover a pillow.
Monday, July 2, 1962
I paid for electric when we was to Arizona and groceries. Went to Daisy's, she gave us papers to read, it rained quite steady today and we needed it bad.
Tuesday, July 3, 1962
Orby went to Kalamazoo with our front blind and then he is now picking cherries. Got a summons from a man about the oil tank they blew up.
Wednesday, July 4, 1962
Stayed home, sold $12.00 of red raspberries. I did a big wash and also ironed them.
Thursday, July 5, 1962
Orby is picking red raspberries, selling 3 for $1.00. I have crochet a cover for my door stop, it looks nice. We need rain badly.
Friday, July 6, 1962
I mopped and cleaned house.
Saturday, July 7, 1962
I am crochet some lace for a pair of pillow cases.
Sunday, July 8, 1962
Daisy and Ike was here a while, bought 6 quarts of raspberries, 3 for them for Rosie and 3 for herself.
Monday, July 9, 1962
I canned 7 quarts of cherries and put 6 quarts in freezer.
Tuesday, July 10, 1962
I called up Mrs. Dennis, she says she was just out of bed, they are taking a trip to Indiana. First corn today.
Wednesday, July 11, 1962
Went to Orphas for the day. Rosemary got the dinner, she will be 13 August 6th. It was prepared nice. Had a nice visit. Claudia and Karla come over after dinner with Karla's wash and when she got nearly all hung up, it started to rain and it sure did rain. Dad come after me and on way home it rained so hard we could hardly see to drive but when we was 1/2 way home, the pavement was dry. It did rain in the evening some.
Thursday, July 12, 1962
I washed today a big one. Looked like rain but hung them out and they all dried nicely. Daisy and Ike come over, got some berries and brought over papers.
1947 Henry Ford died 83 years, son Edsel Ford died 50 years.
Friday, July 13, 1962
Measurement of the round table would take 30 inches in material. I ironed today.
Saturday, July 14, 1962
I did a big wash and finished crochet lace for my 2 pillow cases, changed my mind and made a round large doilies for my round table in front room and used the lace I made for pillow cases.
Sunday, July 15, 1962
Dennis' was here today for dinner, then before they went home we had ice cream and cake. Had a good visit. Sold 10 pints of red raspberries and 1/2 doz. sweet corn.
Monday, July 16, 1962
I did 1 batch of wash.
Tuesday, July 17, 1962
Today is Ike's birthday. We took him over a box of Wm. Penn Cigars $2.90. Daisy wanted us to stay for dinner but we had to get back for the corn and berries. Got letter from Merle and Joyce and Bessie. Merle had not been too well but God will heal him. I did my ironing.
Wednesday, July 18, 1962
I wrote letters to Merle and Joyce. Saw Shirley Temple today at 9 o'clock. It was good. Daisy called and told me it would come on. I sure am glad she did. Mrs. Emma Pierce bought 1 doz. corn.
Thursday, July 19, 1962
Rosemary and Orpha came and took dinner with us, then we drove to shop. Saw Bud and Bob and Bob Buck. Had a swell time. Orpha bought me 2 balls of crochet cotton.
(Bud, Bob and Orpha own Gimbel Body Shop at 517 West North Street, Kalamazoo, Michigan, phone 345-2660. I remember)
Friday, July 20, 1962
It is drizzling rain. I went out this morning, looked at tomatoes, got 2 large tomato worms, now I have killed 6.
Saturday, July 21, 1962
Went to Otsego, had dinner at Daisy's, sold our living room set $38.00. Daisy just called, said Patty won $20.00 from the doings at Otsego, Maxwell day. I got the 1/2 cent! (Patty McLaughlin is Sandra's little sister, Betty and Ken's daughters, Daisy's granddaughters.)
Sunday, July 22, 1962
I cleaned my breezeway and mopped and cleaned the furniture in it. It looks nice. Just came from Otsego, took Rosie over some 3 pints raspberries, saw Sharon, she sure is nice. (Sharon McLaughlin is Rosie and Jerry's daughter, Daisy's granddaughter, remember Daisy's daughter's Rosie and Betty married brothers Ken and Jerry McLaughlin. Age order, oldest first: Sandra, Sharon and Patty)
Monday, July 23, 1962
I did a very large wash, it looked so like ran but I hung out the clothes and I kept taking in what was dry till finally they all dried, then I turned in and ironed them all.
Tuesday, July 24, 1962
I cleaned the whole house, swept, dusted and it looks nice. I started a doily and have it about 1/4 done.
Wednesday, July 25, 1962
Daisy and Ike came over brought some papers to read. I have been out hunting tomato worms. Have killed six large ones. (Yes!)
Thursday, July 26, 1962
Daisy come over bought 2 pints raspberries for Rosie and Ike picked a quart for them. I finished my doily this morning. Orpha called and Claudia is helping paint Rosemary's bedroom, the wood work. (Bedroom was painted all light yellow, with everything else white, white furniture and white lace was pretty. Thanks Mother and Dad, and Claudia)
Friday, July 27, 1962
Was home all day, I finished my round clothe. I now want to work it. Dad has nearly all his raspberries trimmed out. We have been selling corn. Charles D. Little 40, once lived in house at Comstock was charged $300.00 today or go to jail for support of his family, he has 5 children.
Saturday, July 28, 1962
Mrs. Hardy's birthday. We was there today. They both don't look too good. She gave me a violet plant. Then we went over to Dennis', then drove to Vicksburg to see what they had to sell at the Maxwell day. They did not have much and it stared to rain, we got home and we had here a little shower.
Sunday, July 29, 1962
After dinner, we drove to Orphas, they were gone and we drove over to Bobs, took them corn and cucumbers and then we went to Claudia's. Rosemary was there, Dennis was working, would not get home till 10 o'clock at night. We gave her corn and cucumbers then we drove over to Orphas. Had lunch and watermelon, also gave her corn and cucumbers.
Monday, July 30, 1962
Looks like rain. I finished my Dollie. Hope it does rain as everything is drying up.
Tuesday, July 31, 1962
I did a large wash, and I am not so good, my kidney hurts.

June 1962

(Robert Gimbel marries Karla Switzer)

Friday, June 1, 1962
I cleaned my house, did crocheting, got a letter from Merle saying Joyce lost her baby. She was a very sick girl, she was around 3 months, she wanted it so bad, so Connie would have a sister or brother.
Saturday, June 2, 1962
I did some of my spreads and 1 blanket. They washed real good, I also did dresses and shirts. I also ironed them.
Sunday, June 3, 1962
Dennis' are coming over for dinner. Well, they came and we had a very nice time, Daisy and Ike came in afternoon.
Monday, June 4, 1962
I did a wash and got my first batch dried then we had a lovely rain. I will hang the dark clothes out tomorrow. Dad took strawberries and asparagus, sold strawberries for 40 cents a quart. First he sold for that, others were 45 cents.
Tuesday, June 5, 1962
I went to Orphas, stayed all day. Dad come after me, Claudia was there a while then Rosemary got home from school before I came home. (Guess I didn't skip school all the time)
Wednesday, June 6, 1962
Wallace paid payment. Dad took berries to Plainwell, sold them 35 cents a quart, asparagus 25 cents a pound. I finished my davenport back it has 25 blocks in it. (Crochet) Got an invitation at Barnie's for Bob's wedding shower. (Bob Gimbel is going to marry Karla Switzer, the wedding shower was at Bob's best friend's home)
Thursday, June 7, 1962
Went to look at a Motorola, where they were going to have auction sale, they had some real nice things to sell. I am washing in basement today, it is nice out but chilly.
Friday, June 8, 1962
I did a wash and ironing today, did some yesterday also.
Saturday, June 9, 1962
Daisy and Ike was over today, the boys went to the sale and I fixed 2 dresses for Daisy.
Sunday, June 10, 1962
Went to Orphas, had a picnic dinner. Bob has his girl friend (Karla) over, also Claudia and her man (Dennis) was there and Dad and I. We went over to where Bob intends to live. They have a nice place near Claudia. They have it fixed up real nice. Bob bought my bedroom set.
Monday, June 11, 1962
Went to Effie's. She was washing, her sister was there. Effie has her house fixed so nice. (I think Effie is Rosa's cousin, Uncle Daniel's daughter)
Tuesday, June 12, 1962
My knee hurts so bad today, I guess we will have more rain. I got a letter from little Nancy, she is Earl Newman's little girl.
Wednesday, June 13, 1962
Daisy and Ike was here, Ike picked some berries, they are not too good as it did not rain for so long but I think raspberries will be a lot better. Hope so.
Thursday, June 14, 1962
Went to Kalamazoo today, got a gift for Bob. Dad was not able to stay in store, he was very pale and we come out before we hardly got there.
Friday, June 15, 1962
Going to a shower for Bob and wife to be tonight. I did a small wash and iron today. I'm tired. I crochet 2 pot holders in 1 1/2 days, finished at noon today.
Saturday, June 16, 1962
Went to Daisy's after dinner then Ike and Dad went to a sale over near Gun Lake. They are coming tomorrow and Bud, Ike and Dad is going fishing on the pontoon. Orpha and Daisy will stay with me.
Sunday, June 17, 1962
Daisy, Ike, Bud, Orpha, and Rosemary was here for Father's Day dinner. The boys went fishing at Crooked Lake on Bud's pontoon, didn't have much luck.
Monday, June 18, 1962
Seems nice out this morning. I've been winding my crochet cotton thread I bought from Sears. It says 400 yards but I only counted 350 yards, some cheat.
Tuesday, June 19, 1962
My brother's birthday, he was 79. I crochet and fixed 3 dresses smaller. Had our first new beans today, they were delicious.
Wednesday, June 20, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo to have his mower fixed. I did a big wash and iron today. Dad picked some sweet cherries and asparagus.
Thursday, June 21, 1962
I went to Daisy's for the day. Sandy was coming to stay a week with her.
Friday, June 22, 1962
Dad took TV to Kalamazoo to have it looked over and left it all night. He bought some skin medicine for legs $5.00.
Saturday, June 23, 1962
Sandy is staying a week with Daisy while Betty and Ken goes to farm to look after Ken's father. (McLaughlin)
Sunday, June 24, 1962
Went to Dennis' had a lovely visit and nice dinner. Then before we came home they treated us to ice cream.
Monday, June 25, 1962
I cleaned all my blinds today. Fixed over my girdle. Dorothy said she had pneumonia and throat was sore. Dad sold sour cherries for 30 cents a quart and asparagus for 25 cents.
Tuesday, June 26, 1962
Dad sold sour cherries and asparagus. I did some sewing and cleaned the house, washed front door, back and garage door, that leaves the breezeway.
Wednesday, June 27, 1962
Orby raked over asparagus and sold asparagus. Bought Bob and Karla's wedding card, did my wash. Canned 4 quarts beans.
Thursday, June 28, 1962
Today Orpha, Claudia and Rosemary was here for dinner. I had potatoes, gravy, fried chicken and new beans. We all ate to much, we was filled to over neck. Dad went to Kalamazoo after dinner. They left for home at 2 o'clock.
Friday, June 29, 1962
Getting ready for the Wedding tomorrow.
Saturday, June 30, 1962
Bob will be married today at 3 o'clock. We was to Bob and Karla's wedding was very nice. We went with Buds they received a lot of nice gifts. Ken, Jerry, Betty, Rosa and Sharon was there. After they were married we went to Karla's folks and had the reception. they are going north on their honeymoon trip. Karla is a June bride.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

May 1962

(Orby is selling lots of asparagus, Rosa is using her automatic washing machine, and they think they found where some of the relatives are buried.)

Tuesday, May 1, 1962
I washed one of my pillows in the automatic washer, it looked like a blown up balloon in the washer. I was afraid it would bust, but it did not.
Wednesday, May 2, 1962
Orpha and I went to Kalamazoo. it rained all day, I bought skillet $6.10. Claudia went with us. 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue.
Thursday, May 3, 1962
Today I stayed at home, did some crocheting. Dad put up electric clock in front room. The corn has started coming up. I cleaned my oven, I wanted Dad to help me but he just got mad and said lots of mean things. I always have to give up to him or he is mad.
Friday, May 4, 1962
Went to Orpha for dinner. Dad went to Kalamazoo, looked at Joyce Beds store, has moved, had chicken and jello. Then Rosemary came home from school, we all had a swell time.
Saturday, May 5, 1962
I finished my Dollie, white. Dad went back to Kalamazoo today, bought a lawn mower $159.00 plus tax, from Sears.
George and Bertha Overmire between Rochester on the Fiosa Road. We lived there when Daisy was 2 years old.
Sunday, May 6, 1962
Pete and Effie came over to spend the evening. Pete was not feeling too good, we had a nice visit.
Monday, May 7, 1962
Dad is taking asparagus to sell, I am washing. Nice day today, I also did the ironing. I have made over 3 of my dresses, they got too large as I am shrinking.
Tuesday, May 8, 1962
Went to Kalamazoo, bought bed frame $9.31, casters $1.00 and paid $5.00 on the head board. We looked at a nice Sylvania television.
Wednesday, May 9, 1962
I did a wash and am sending $14.92 to Sears for table cloth and other items. It is a very nice day, Dad cultivated his corn today.
Thursday, May 10, 1962
Received letter from Merle and Joyce and sorry but Joyce is not too good.
Friday, May 11, 1962
Orpha came over for the day, fixed my hair. I washed out a few things to show her how the automatic washer run. Bob and wife to be was here. (Karla Switzer) We had a very nice time, sent letter to Vira and sent $2.00 to Look magazine.
Saturday, May 12, 1962
Went over to Schoolcraft to see about getting sprayer parts. stopped at Hardy and Mr. Hardy was very poorly, had been in Vicksburg Hospital 3 days, looked bad. Then we stopped at Dennis' they were pretty good.
Sunday, May 13, 1962
Today is Mother's Day. I was very delighted as Merle called from Arizona to greet me and I was so thrilled I could hardly talk. Sounds lovely to hear my dear son. Dad was out getting fish worms and did not get to talk to him. Wrote letter to Joyce and Merle today.
Monday, May 14, 1962
Today I did some wash then they dried as it was a nice day, then I did my ironing. Dad went to Kalamazoo and did not get home till 3:30. He sold 53 lb. asparagus. It is really warm tonight. Bud, Orpha and Claudia was here a while tonight.
Tuesday, May 15, 1962
I washed drapes in breezeway, ironed them, cleaned breezeway, waxed the linoleum, looks nice.
Wednesday, May 16, 1962
Today I mopped kitchen and bathroom. Cleaned mess of dandelions for dinner. Sure tired. Donald's has another boy baby, that makes 5 boys and 2 girls and 1 girl died (Donna Mae died 3-24-1947 3 months old, Donald DeKilder, Daisy and Ike's son). Dad went to sell more asparagus. Its name is David, Birthday, 15th of May.
Thursday, May 17,1962
Orby went to Kalamazoo to sell asparagus, bought plastic I can use on my lamps. Called Dennis' and Hardy's. Orpha called me.
Friday, May 18, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo, got the head board for his bed, cost $19.00 plus tax. Got it at Joyce and the railings. Got order from Sears, a nice table cloth and some crochet cotton. I ordered 2-20-ply 4, 6-3-ply 3, I wanted 30 4 ply but I kept it all.
Saturday, May 19, 1962
Today is nice, cool this morning but probably be hot as there is not much air. Daisy and Ike was here yesterday afternoon, brought over papers.
Sunday, May 20, 1962
Went to Earl Fouts after dinner, had a nice drive. Went on different road. They were pretty well, come home stopped at Orpha but they were not at home. Bud has his small Pontoon finished and it looks nice.
Monday, May 21, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo with asparagus, I stayed home and making a chair back. Have it almost done, I have 4 blocks yet, I also made 2 large and a small pumpkin pie, it was a nice cool day.
Tuesday, May 22, 1962
I did some wash and ironing. I am also crocheting a Dollie, nice day.
Wednesday, May 23, 1962
I did my wash. Dad went to Kalamazoo. Daisy called and said that Dr. Keeler took a tumor from Dorothy's finger and it felt better.
Thursday, May 24, 1962
Dad went to sell asparagus and see about car. I did some ironing and mopped bath and kitchen floor and vacuum all the floors. Daisy said that Mr. McLaughlin's eyes are better.
Friday, May 25, 1962
My Fuller Brush man brought the order I gave him. I did ironing. Dad took asparagus to Kalamazoo.
Saturday, May 26, 1962
Sold 11 bunches asparagus today. I made some cooking, they were grand. Wrote Vira Clare a letter also sent $1.00 for the Work Basket magazine. I finished my doilie like the one I got pattern from Joyce's book. I made it in 2 days.
Sunday, May 27, 1962
We was home till after dinner, then Ike and Daisy come and took us for a long ride over around Crooked lake to cemetery where Ike's folks are buried and took us where Martha and Susan was buried. Had a joyful ride. Had a small rain, done a little good.
Monday, May 28, 1962
I am washing out a small wash, Orby is pulling weeds out of the asparagus. He sure had a mess. It takes 45 minutes to do a small wash in my automatic washer. Just ironed a white Dollie I made.
Tuesday, May 29, 1962
Dad took 20 bunches of asparagus to Kalamazoo. My order came from Sears.
Wednesday, May 30, 1962
Went to Courter cemetery also Peru, where Lydia is buried and to Dowagiac were
brother William is buried, also Silva. I guess I have found where my Dad and Mother lie, I think it is Lot 15. We put flowers on the graves also Dad put flowers on his Mother and Iva grave. Our folk lay near John Richerd (or Rickurd or Rickurt) large tomb, stone a red cast.
Thursday, May 31, 1962
Today we sold 3 large bunches of peonies. Orpha called she is going to Sandra's commencement tonight, Claudia and Rosemary, maybe Bud. (Graduation form Otsego High School, Sandra McLaughlin)

April 1962

(Rosa and Orby are back home in Michigan. Rosa is doing spring cleaning and Orby is doing that and spring farming. They are amazing at their age, they both keep so busy working and visiting.)

Sunday, April 1, 1962
We stayed home. Daisy and Ike came over and Ike helped unload the trailer, every thing came along pretty good, my leg bothers me a lot.
Monday, April 2, 1962
I did a wash, Dad is trimming raspberries.
Tuesday, April 3, 1962
I did my ironing and brought the dresser, bed and chest in and I took the other dresser out in front room. Then Ernie and Lillian come over. We had a nice visit.
Wednesday, April 4, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo to see about getting our spray on the sink fixed and other errands. Bought a new spray for the sink.
Thursday, April 5, 1962
Orby went to Cooper to get our car greased. I have tried 4 times to get Dorothy, but failed. They said I had the wrong number, but I know better for I called Daisy and asked her and she said I had the right number.
Friday, April 6, 1962
It is drizzling today. My tulips are up around 2 1/2 inches. Trees budding some what slow coming as snow has been so deep a hard icy winter. Limbs broke off of one of the trees.
Saturday, April 7, 1962
Stayed home, Daisy and Ike was here for a short visit. They brought over some papers.
Sunday, April 8, 1962
Home all day, did my blankets. Was nice day to dry them.
Recipe for flour paste: 1 cup flour, 1 cup sugar, 1 quart water, 1 tablespoon powdered alum, 3 drops oil of cloves. Mix flour and sugar together, stir in slowly 1/2 of water. Bring remaining of water to boil add mixture, stir constantly, add alum, stir until thoroughly mixed. Remove from fire, add oil of cloves to keep it sweet. Keeps in a tight jar in cool place, makes two quarts.
Monday, April 9, 1962
I did my cleaning, will wash I think tomorrow.
Tuesday, April 10, 1962
I did a big wash, then ironed a few pieces.
Wednesday, April 11, 1962
I finished ironing. Dad went and got new wiring on the car. He went to Plainwell to get some groceries.
Thursday, April 12, 1962
I cleaned the front room and Dad finished fixing his new trailer he bought in Arizona. He made it now not so high. We sold our bed mattress and box springs $25.00.
Friday, April 13, 1962
It snowed last night and still snowing, it is around 4 inches on ground.
Saturday, April 14, 1962
Snow going fast, I washed out a few pieces. Sun shining nice. My knee hurting me a lot. Orpha, Bud and Rosemary come over, he helped Dad bring in davenport.
Sunday, April 15, 1962
Stayed home all day and Ike and Daisy came over in afternoon with some papers. Mrs. Hardy called up and asked us over for dinner but I did not feel too good and my knee hurt. Today is my Dad's birthday, he was born in 1854.
Monday, April 16, 1962
Sorting our pictures and trying to straighten up things so I will know where they are.
Tuesday, April 17, 1962
Dad went to Kalamazoo, I stayed home, it was nice day but chilly. He got me some camphor to rub on my knee.
Wednesday, April 18, 1962
Nice day, I did some wash, my knee still hurts. I did my ironing also.
Thursday, April 19, 1962
Went over to Daisy, they have their bathroom also the bedroom all papered ad ceiling lowered, looks nice. She has some new cooking dishes.
Friday, April 20, 1962
Today is nice but cold. Orpha, Claudia and Rosemary come over a while. Orpha put on some proxide on her sore finger, where her ring cut in. Claudia paid for her chest of draws $20.00. (I think I skipped school a lot)
Saturday, April 21, 1962
Dad planted some dahlias today and we sold trailer today for $50.00. It was nice day. I sent Merle and Joyce a letter today. Bought me can coffee, Maxwell 93 cents tax and all. Mr. Spoore bought the old trailer.
Sunday, April 22, 1962
Easter. Was home all day, Orpha and Rosemary come over, brought me a lovely 4 nice Lily plant. I gave Rosemary $3.00 for her Easter. Claudia and Dennis is buying a different car.
Monday, April 23, 1962
Went to Otsego, saw Daisy's new cooking ware and they lowered the ceiling in bath and bed room, looks nice.
Tuesday, April 24, 1962
Went to Hardy's and Mr. Hardy looked real bad. She is tired out caring for him. She gave me head cabbage and some parsnips. I gave her honey. Then we went to Dennis' for a while. Orby planted 17 rows of sweet corn. We got home at 1:15 had dinner then planted sweet corn. Claudia called today said she was cleaning her kitchen.
Wednesday, April 25, 1962
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis came over a while, then went to Otsego to Margaret's to have Fred fix the lawn mover. Orby is putting hangers on the storm windows.
Thursday, April 26, 1962
I did my wash, started to wash early was finished and nearly all dried by 9:30. Was a very nice day. Had a good sized wash. Orby is taking grass and weeds out of the roses, they have been coming on and look real nice. I have other flowers also out in blossom. Dorothy and Ken and Butch was here this evening, had a nice time.
Friday, April 27, 1962
Orby planted 11 1/2 rows of sweet corn, planted radishes, had our first mess of asparagus. I washed my drapes in both bedrooms. Ironed them and have them up. I have the two bedrooms now cleaned and I am real tired. Sold sink and fixtures $25.00 to Mr. Harlie Edson.
Saturday, April 28, 1962
I finished cleaning the two bedrooms and started on the front room. Orby swept down the walls.
Sunday, April 29, 1962
Sold 2 lb. asparagus. Claudia and Dennis was here after her chest of drawers.
Monday, April 30, 1962
I cleaned my kitchen, waxed the floor with airawax. I don't like it like I used too.

March 1962

(Rosa and Orby are fixing up the house in Arizona, then heading home to Michigan)

Thursday, March 1, 1962
It has been 4 weeks since I hurt my arm around 5 pm. Dad mapped the green bed room and kitchen, he cleaned the bedroom. I cleaned the stove and the sink, they were a mess.
Friday, March 2, 1962
I cleaned floors. Arm getting better each day now, took 4 weeks to heal.
Saturday, March 3, 1962
Willard and Bessie was here for supper. I had peach pie and port chops. Man came took measurement of the kitchen floor to tile it. $23.50. He was some relation to Overmyers at Rochester Indiana, I want to talk to him but don't know his name.
Sunday, March 4, 1962
Merle and Letha was here for dinner. We had chicken and noodles. I made a cherry pie, cabbage and potatoes. We was going to the church Merle goes to, Willard and us and I got sick, but Willard's went to their church then.
Monday, March 5, 1962
We washed.
Tuesday, March 6, 1962
I did my ironing and did some crocheting.
Wednesday, March 7, 1962
Today Dad washed his car. Norma Grubb on the South side of us in Tempe, George Drive.
Thursday, March 8, 1962
New car cost: $750.00, + $22.50 tax, +$2.50 transfer, + $15.29 Mr. Little, + $9.49 Mr. Little, +18.04 cleaning, + Belt and carburetor $18.99 equals $836.81.
Insurance +290.00, + $175.00 equals $465.00. $836.81 minus $465.00 equals $371.81 cost difference. (I don't really understand this, but it must have been important to Rosa, so I include it).
Had some tile laid in George Street house, cost $23.50. I was to Willard's and Orby came over for dinner. We came home and started on the kitchen.
Friday, March 9, 1962
We finished working. Our home over on George Drive, 1029 S. Tempe. We have enough material but some quarter round and some trim. Dad is putting on first coat of paint. Gray. Orby bought $2.24 plywood.
Saturday, March 10, 1962
Today paint second coat. Willard's came over a while, I wanted them to stay for dinner but no, they did not stay. We are all done painting now and am I glad. The house looks a lot different and much more room and nicer.
Sunday, March 11, 1962
Joyce, Fred and Connie coming for dinner. I am going to have chicken, home made noodles, pie and potatoes.
8 inch valance. 8 ft. wide front East window, 24 inch high.
5 ft. 7 inch wide West window, 3 foot high the glass.
8 or 10 Valance. Table cloth 40 x 48 right. 10 inch, 12 inch bar for towel.
Monday, March 12, 1962
Paint 2 gallons $7.58, trim lumber $4.19, cost $8.00 to put it on, had a man come put up some trim in front room, Mr. Goertg, did the work.
Tuesday, March 13, 1962
We are going over to Willard's to help him put in door and windows in on the north porch to make a sleeping room. Bought off Tommy Owens trailer for $60.00 and tarp cover. We wrote for Bud to send trailer license. Today we was over to Willard's for dinner as Dad helped do some carpenter work.
Wednesday, March 14, 1962
Dad painted front room Melodic Mist today. Now my bath and kitchen is blue, bedroom green and it all looks nice.
Thursday, March 15, 1962
Dad went to Mesa today. I stayed home as usual, washed out my corset and dress. Wrote card to Dennis and Hardy's, went to Willard's this evening.
Friday, March 16, 1962
Look for friends from trailer court, they did not come. Merle was here, we had quite a talk on Bible. Merle is very anxious to do the will of God and I am sure glad, as we can't have the Lord on our minds too much.
Saturday, March 17, 1962
Dad is fixing his hitch on the trailer. I am making a cake. Joyce and Letha was here a while. She is thinking of moving on George Street, 1029 S. Tempe Arizona. Was awful sick last night, did not go to sleep till 1 o'clock.
Sunday, March 18, 1962
Stayed home all day. I did not feel too good, but I hope Willard's come over to go to Church.
Monday, March 19, 1962
Willard came over and him and Orby went to Phoenix. Bessie stayed with me, we both went and laid down for a while. I gave them my snack stands, it rained some last night.
Tuesday, March 20, 1962
I washed out 1 dress and underwear and my sweater, put 3 new pair window openers.
Wednesday, March 21, 1962
Ironed my dress. Dad went to town to get something for the drinking faucet. It is chilly today and rained some. Orby went to Willard's, got some name of medicine for acid stomach $1.54 paid, name Maalox. Went to Merle's, he was home gave us 2 grapefruit.
Thursday, March 22, 1962
Dad made board to put up between bedroom. 8 days since we wrote for the trailer licence. Paid Dad $2.71 for board and gas. Getting things ready so we can start home.
Friday, March 23, 1962
Bough license for trailer $8.27. Think we will start home Tuesday morning, if everything goes all right.
Saturday, March 24, 1962
Will go to Merle's tomorrow, as they are going to have a birthday dinner for Joyce.
Sunday, March 25, 1962
We are going over to Merle's as it is Joyce's Birthday. We want to go to church, then to Merle's for dinner. Went to Merle's church and had a very nice day, was in Sunday School class then meeting, also went a night Joyce and I it was grand, such good preaching.
Monday, March 26, 1962
Willard and Merle come over to help load trailer, then we went over to Willard's for dinner. We also stayed there all night, started to Michigan at 6:30 am Tuesday morning.
Tuesday, March 27, 1962
We started for Michigan today, got as far as Globe and the Thermostats give out, had it fixed then started through Salt River Canons (I drove that when I was 18, it was scary, and they are pulling a trailer..and Orby is almost 80) Was delayed 3 hours all together, they were blasting in the canons, we stayed all might at Socorro (hard to read) New Mexico. $4.10.
Wednesday, March 28, 1962
We had good luck, stayed at Mead all night at Kansas.
Thursday, March 29, 1962
Started out in am, was nice had my coat off till 5 o'clock. Nice riding in car.
Friday, March 30, 1962
Got as far Wanatah Indiana, Stayed all night cost $6.00. They say is 115 miles to home.
Saturday, March 31, 1962
Got to Orphas, had breakfast, then Orpha and Rosemary came home with us, we started fire and she stayed for dinner. Then 5 o'clock Bud come after her, then Claudia and Dennis was here for a lunch, they brought me a very large heart box of candy, sure good. (I don't remember that, I should, but I don't.)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February 1962

(Rosa will be 81 on February 13, 1962 and Orby will turn 79 in August 1962. They are still in Arizona for the winter, but they live on Douglas Avenue, Kalamazoo, Michigan the rest of the year. They have a small trailer in Tempe, but they are looking at homes to buy.)

Thursday, February 1, 1962
Went to Mesa, we think we will trade trailer for a small house and lot. I was coming out of office and I fell and hurt my right shoulder and left hand, my it hurts. I did not sleep much last night.
Friday, February 2, 1962
I suffered all day with my shoulder and hand, can hardly stand it. Expect I aught to see Doctor. Nice day.
Saturday, February 3, 1962
Today, I got a letter returned that I sent Claudia. I will send it to Orpha, my arm is little better but awful sore yet.
Sunday, February 4, 1962
Stayed home with sore arm. Letha come over and we took her to see the place on George Street. Then we come back had supper, then she went to church.
Monday, February 5, 1962
Dad took his car to be fixed, cost $18.99. Willard's and Merle come while he was gone. He never got home till around noon. It is hot today. Willard's was here, also to day my hand and shoulder hurts quite bad.
Tuesday, February 6, 1962
Went over to Willard's, took them to see our new house we got on George Street. Its small but okay for us. We got nice furniture with it as we paid mortgage on the bedroom set and living room set. They thought it pretty nice when we get everything done to it, it will be a nice little home. (Orby was getting bored)
Wednesday, February 7, 1962
Today we have been in Arizona 75 days. Joyce and Connie was here for dinner. We had a fun time, my had hurt a lot and shoulder.
Thursday, February 8, 1962
Went over to George Street after taking Merle hose home, then we took Merle to show him place we bought. Got 3 letters, Daisy, Orpha and Mrs. Willey, got social security check and check from Bernice.
Friday, February 9, 1962
Went over to the place on George Street and did lot of changing. My arm hurt so bad I could hardly do anything. Tub and lab with shower, pink. Double drain sink. 13 drawers, 3 cloths closets, refrigerator, stove, gas cook stove, 1 window bathroom, 2 in bedrooms, 5 large mirrors, 7 storage's, 8 windows with screens.
Saturday, February 10, 1962
Was to Willard's, they invited us Sunday dinner but he has such a cold, I don't think we will go.
Sunday, February 11, 1962
Dad went over to George Street but did not stay long. I had potatoes and wienies for dinner. My arm still awful sore, can't hardly move it.
Monday, February 12, 1962
3 cupboards with shelf between, large space to work on a sliding cutting board, exhaust fan, eight lamps, 2 chairs and table. Beautiful curtains and lovely rods. 2 doors, 1 back 1 front. Lovely linoleum, small all rooms.
Today Merle came over, we had a nice talk. He is going to be baptised Friday. We may go. Mr. and Mrs. Kelly and another man and wife looked at trailer. Orby bought plastic cover $3.07 and 1 fitted sheet $2.29 plus tax. $5.36 tax extra.
Tuesday, February 13, 1962
Today is my Birthday. I soon will be 39, ha ha. We moved in our new home on George 1029 Tempe, Arizona. Orpha sent me 12 lovely red roses and Merle brought me a lovely plant. I don't know the name, Merle stayed till nearly 8:30 pm.
Wednesday, February 14, 1962
Today,is Claudia's birthday, she was born on 14th February 1944, 18 years ago in 1944
Thursday, February 15, 1962
Joyce and Mrs. White was here a while today. We are painting the kitchen, it was a dirty yellow. I am making it a real light ice blue. It looks real nice, I can't us my arm yet to write good.
Friday, February 16, 1962
Merle was here a short time. Dad was painting. My arm some better. I dressed my self first time today, since I fell.
Saturday, February 17, 1962
Willard came over this evening, we had our supper after they got here, had eggs, apricots and corn.
Sunday, February 18, 1962
Dad finished up painting the kitchen and bath. 2 boys was here to look at the car to buy. Dad went to buy groceries.
Monday, February 19, 1962
Joyce and Connie was here today. Joyce washed my windows and said she would come back and clean my floors but my arm is getting better now so I will wait till I can clean them.
Tuesday, February 20, 1962
Willard and Bessie came over and the mean started on taking out the clothes closet and making kitchen larger. They were here for dinner, Bessie brought over some new beans for dinner.
Wednesday, February 21, 1962
Orby and I put up a strip of rock sheet in between living room. I mopped floor today, first since my arm was hurt three weeks since.
Thursday, February 22, 1962
Today we are looking for a man to put in some wiring and then we can put in plywood in kitchen. Will be glad when finished as so much dirt, also my arm isn't too well. 3 weeks today.
Friday, February 23, 1962
Well we cut ply board for kitchen and have it all ready soon as the wiring is done. We have a man coming in the morning . Looked for Merle but he did not come.
Saturday, February 24, 1962
Willard was here, they tried to wire up the house but failed. Bessie don't look too good, she was here a while, then Willard took her home. He was here for dinner.
Sunday, February 25, 1962
My Mother's birthday today. We worked all day today, put in electric and did some wall work. A man put in our electric. Mr. Goetz from 1900 E. Apache, Tempe $13.40.
Monday, February 26, 1962
Willard helped a little today and we have it nearly done. I mopped floor am tired. My arm is quite bad yet, but I use it a lot. Took ladder home today. I went too, Bessie was not too good.
Tuesday, February 27, 1962
Willard said Bessie was going to see Doctor today.
Wednesday, February 28, 1962
Orby built around the cooler. New neighbors move in today on the north of us.

January 1962

Rosa and Orby are still in Arizona.
(Rosa has written in the back pages: Hume, I went with a boy named Willie Hume. Another spot: From Michigan City, take 421 to 24 then go to 54 to Alamogordo then 70 to Mesa.)

Monday, January 1, 1962
It is chilly this morning but we had fire out all night in the stove. The wind blowing pretty strong.
Tuesday, January 2, 1961
This second day of year 1962. Orby gets car greased today, fixing $18.04. Merle and Letha came over for a while, I went to Lucille's, had a good visit, Donnie was at home.
Wednesday, January 3, 1962
Little cold last night but sun shining nice this morning, wrote Dorothy a card at hospital Ann Arbor, Michigan University, 2W Bed 11. Doctor said she had hepatitis and said it was worse than yellow jaundice.
Thursday, January 4, 1962
Went to Apache Junction to see some places, they ask too much for them. It was a nice day. My leg was in a cramp last night and I am some what lame today. I heard that Lucille went to hospital.
Friday, January 5, 1962
My leg is better but last night it was bad, it is cold and we need a fire this evening. My knee is not good, stayed home all day. Dad went to Mesa to get car fixed. Got letter from Daisy.
Saturday, January 6, 1962
My knee some better I can stand on it and it don't hurt so bad. Nice day but chilly last night. Merle came over this morning and we talked bible. H has learned a lot and am I glad. I always wanted Merle to read the bible and all my children. Bought 2 cans gas for cook stove today.
Sunday, January 7, 1962
Nice day. Turned fire off at 9:30 it is now 15 to 1 pm. Dad is lying on couch asleep and doors and windows wide open. It is really warm. Today Bessie and Willard had their 50 anniversary from 2 to 5. I did not go, I still am limping.
Monday, January 8, 1962
Dad went to Mesa to have his car fixed again. It would not start and they put in part of a carburetor. Merle was here and we talked bible.
Tuesday, January 9, 1962
Went to Willard's and we all went to the big new store at Phoenix. Got our dinner and then drove home. Willard paid for dinner. Bought apples 10 cents per pound, we bought pounds worth.
Wednesday, January 10, 1962
Joyce is coming today. She came had a nice visit and she is coming again Wednesday 17th, she is going to Merle's on Sunday.
Thursday, January 11, 1962
Kennedy speech. I did not hear it. Dad went to Mesa to have some thing done to car and I went to Willard's at 9 and Dad never got back till after 3. We sure had a long visit.
Friday, January 12, 1962
Merle came over today and Dad and him went to town, I stayed home, got dinner. I got a letter from Daisy, she has wrote me 5 letters, Orpha wrote me one.
Saturday, January 13, 1962
Merle was here, the car started when tried 2 times. It sleeted last night and was pretty cold. Dad bought him 2 new red blankets, paid $10.30. I sent daisy a card today, also Vira a letter. Willard was here last night, said Bessie wanted to keep the land back of their place.
Sunday, January 14, 1962
Merle said Joyce, Fred and Connie was coming to their house for dinner. Orby took some of his clothes to wash, also took Bessie spread that she loaned me.
Monday, January 15, 1962
Dad did some wash up to the store and we took them over to Bessie to hang on line. Cost 20 cents to wash 1 load. Bessie don't look too well. I took her some tomatoes I canned. Cold last night but I have not fire now and have doors and windows open and it is around 5 o'clock pm.
Tuesday, January 16, 1962
Bessie and Willard was here a while, I gave them 1/2 pumpkin pie for their dinner. Joyce will come tomorrow. The sun is shinning nice, I am trying to cook the toughest chicken I ever saw. Wash all windows on the house trailer, 17 windows, 2 doors with glass.
Wednesday, January 17, 1962
Went riding and went past the small house on George Street. Then Dad went to lumber yard to see the owner and he said he would come talk to us the next day.
Thursday, January 18, 1962
The man came but did not bring papers so we don't know much more about it yet.
Friday, January 19, 1962
Willard and Bessie and us all went for a ride down past the Knowls and went to the yellow front store. I bought a round pillow. Willard bought a square pillow, then we had our dinner at Bills place on Miller Street. then we drove home, then went and got pillows. Went and looked at the real nice place with beautiful rocks and Flowers, a cement place to have picnic dinners, the other place we looked at was sold.
Saturday, January 20, 1962
I finished crochet my dolly, it looks nice but the thread was off some, don't know if it will bleach out all right or not. My trailer neighbor come over, we had quite a visit. Mr. Smith our trailer owner cleaned out our sewer place.
Sunday, January 21, 1962
We are going to Merle's for dinner. It is drizzling rain. 10 o'clock it rained hard. We went and had a good visit and talked on things in bible. Herbert W. Armstrong, box 111, Pasadena Calif.
Monday, January 22, 1962
We did the wash today, hung them up at Willard's, don't take them long to dry here in Arizona. got our car bumped again, the new one.
Tuesday, January 23, 1962
Went to Willard's to telephone man that his son struck our car.
Wednesday, January 24, 1962
Went over to the man's house that made out a check to give to the one that will fix our car. It is trying to rain. Just back, got the check and our car is now in shop to have fixed.
Thursday, January 25, 1962
Some people came here to look at trailer, thought it nice.
Friday, January 26, 1962
Went to Joyce and we had lots of fun and she and I crochet. Connie was a pill, would not be still a minute, Joyce put her to bed but she did not want to go and cried. Joyce let her up. They came again to look at trailer but we was gone.
Saturday, January 27, 1962
Nice day today, Dad went to Mesa to get car but it wasn't done so he will go after it Monday. Mrs. Reagan was here today. (No, I don't thing so.)
Sunday, January 28, 1962
We stayed home then Letha and Merle was here. then in the evening Willard's come over, we had supper it was Lucille's 68 birthday.
Monday, January 29, 1962
Orby went after our car at the Olds garage. Merle took him to get the car. Temperature 72 degrees.
Tuesday, January 30, 1962
It is little chilly today, went to Mesa to see about small house we may trade our trailer on. Was to Bessie's for our dinner, then we drove over to 4th Street and got some potatoes and vegetables, the cabbage is awful good over there.
Wednesday, January 31, 1962
Sun shining nice, no fire, just had dinner. I washed out some pieces, mopped floor.

December 1961

Friday, December 1, 1961
Bought a 30 foot Jewel trailer, pink trim for $2071.00 transfer and tax. Bought it in Phoenix, Mohok Trailer Co. We are going to Joyce and Freds tonight for supper. (Joyce and Fred Mullet, Merle's daughter and husband)
Saturday, December 2, 1961
I cleaned out the front part of the trailer, then around eleven, we went to motel as Joyce and Connie was coming for dinner. Then after dinner, Joyce and I came over to the lot where our trailer was and Joyce cleaned out top of cupboards for me, then we went back to Motel and after supper Willard and Bessie came over, having a good time.
Sunday, December 3, 1961
Sunday morning we moved in our trailer and had dinner. After dinner Merle, Letha and Mrs. White (Letha's mother) came over for a while. They all think our trailer is nice, it is 30 foot, pink and white.
Monday, December 4, 1961
Coldest night we had but I don't know the temperature. Orby is about having a fit as he thinks it is so cold. We started a fire in the oil stove.
Tuesday, December 5, 1961
The oil burned out and I got up at 4 o'clock and Orby wanted me to light the oven on cook stove, which I tried but matches would not light and when they did light, it blew out on me and burned my hand and arm and my it is sore. Orby should have done it his self, I wasn't cold. Sent letter to Orpha, Joyce brought me some dishes to use.
Wednesday, December 6, 1961
It is nice this morning but a little chilly out. I have no fire, did a little wash. Dad went ot Mesa. We started over to Whites around 6:30 and a woman knocked our car in to a station wagon and did quite a lot of damage. Dad went to Mesa to see about it, don't know how we will come out.
Thursday, December 7, 1961
I finished crochet my chair back and Willard come over and we went to a trailer place to see a few trailers as Bessie wanted to. Then we came back and they stayed for supper. they left a 8 pm for home.
Friday, December 8, 1961
Went to Mohok Trailer Co., 28 N.E. Vanburen today to get 4 jacks, saw the man who sold us the trailer. He is very nice. Merle was here a while this morning.
Saturday, December 9, 1961
Went over mile East Main to look at a 3 bedroom house, $7200.00 but it wasn't finished.
Sunday, December 10, 1961
Willard came over and we had lunch then went over to Lucille, got home around 10 o'clock. Ray gave me some distilled water for my iron.
Monday, December 11, 1961
I did a little wash but sit around all day, it was quite chilly out.
Tuesday, December 12, 1961
The oil man put in oil tank $6.60, $10.00 deposit on tank, $3.00 filter, 60 cents connectors, $1.25 brass tubing, tax 35 cents, total $21.80. We went to Willard's. Bessie gave me some dishes to use also a carpet runner. I cleaned it, it looks real nice.
Wednesday, December 13, 1961
Bought chicken 98 cents. Went to Whites to see their trailer, it is pretty nice inside but his old trailer was nicer outside.
Thursday, December 14, 1961
I wrote to Edith and Dorothy. Little chilly today and dripping rain. Saw David today, he is taking Carolyn back to Kalamazoo, then he will leave for Korea. (David Fouts was in the Army, so was his brother Claire) They are coming over to our place tomorrow. Had pancakes for supper.
Friday, December 15, 1961
(She has draw a sketch of the trailer inside diagram)
Saturday, December 16, 1961
I bought a rocker for the trailer, cost $10.00.
Sunday, December 17, 1961
Joyce, Fred and Connie was her for dinner. We had chicken, noodles and potato salad, peaches, and cookies and had a good visit.
Monday, December 18, 1961
Merle come over then Willard's. We went to Phoenix with Bessie and Willard to get payment from the insurance, then we went shopping. Orby got the dinner and paid for it.
Tuesday, December 19, 1961
Today the sun is shining. I did a little wash yesterday and trying to dry clothes. Paid Orby in full for oil and grocery's.
Wednesday, December 20, 1961
Today will be going over to Merle's then to Mesa and look at a place 12 miles east of Mesa. Well we went, it is pretty nice but I don't like the big ditch in front of property, I don't care too much for it.
Thursday, December 21, 1961
Today Dad went to Mesa to look at a little Oldsmobile. I went along and bought Connie a (can't read) and little broom, got Bessie a gift and Connie. Was a nice day, got acquainted with my next door neighbor in her house trailer, Mother of 8 children.
Friday, December 22, 1961
We are in Tempe, Arizona. Dad is thinking of going to Phoenix. I wrote letter to Orpha. Dad did not go as Merle could not go with him. A large trailer just moved in here, Dad went to see where it will be set.
Saturday, December 23, 1961
Orby and I went to the store, bought a measuring cup, 29 cents, 2 boxes cherry candy, a glass dish. I paid Orby $1.65. It is a nice day, but hot sun.
Sunday, December 24, 1961
Today, 1 month since we got to Mesa. Wrote Daisy a letter today. Went to Willard's for dinner. I gave Jergens Lotion to Bessie. She gave me a butter dish, gave Willard after shave lotion. He gave some meat they butchered.
Monday, December 25, 1961
Christmas. Will go to Fred and Joyce for Christmas. Whites and Merle's and Dad and I will go, if nothing happens. Spent Christmas with Joyce, Fred, Merle's was there also Letha's folks (Whites). Had a good time also a very nice dinner turkey. Letha's Dad got sick, they took him home after dinner.
Tuesday, December 26, 1961
It is a nice day today. Merle's got Dad and I a small radio, it seems to be real good. I got butter dish, glass bowl candy dish for Christmas.
Wednesday, December 27, 1961
Willard's and us went to Phoenix to look for a different car, had lunch in Phoenix then drove to Tempe and bought a 1956 Oldsmobile. It is a good looking car. Hope it proves to be okay. Miles 48141 on olds when bought, $750.00 plus $22.50 tax, $2.50 transfer, $775.00 for 1956 Olds.
Thursday, December 28, 1961
It is a very nice morning. I want to write a few letters, I wrote 4 letters and 1 card. Dad went to Tempe to get the jack to car.
Friday, December 29, 1961
Merle was here, took dinner with us. Helped Dad with car, then he went home and him and Letha come over and we had supper. Had a lovely evening.
Saturday, December 30, 1961
Dad went to town to get some thing done to car but they could not do it till next Tuesday.
Sunday, December 31, 1961
Stayed home all day. Got Dad a big dinner, had beef, dumplins, sweet potatoes, potato salad. Windy today, sand blowing everywhere.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

November 1961

(Rosa tells about the death of her Daddy, these little gems are the reason I am transcribing these diaries)

Wednesday, November 1, 1961
Today in l897, my Daddy died at Denver Indiana. We were moving a cross the railroad, he was carrying boxes of goods from Depot and he died of heart trouble just 17 days after my Mother died. Ike and Daisy come over and Orby and Ike put up wire fence between us and Summers.
Thursday, November 2, 1961
Daisy called me last night and said her and Ike went to Kalamazoo and ordered their new furnace and was going to put it in Monday the 6th. We went on trip to see trailers and some of them were real nice. We left home around 8 got back home at 5 o'clock.
Friday, November 3, 1961
Bad rainy day, stayed home. Did my ironing.
Saturday, November 4, 1961
Went to look at trailer and get order to Aldens sent. Burket Trailer Sales a wagon trailer. Paid insurance.
Sunday, November 5, 1961
The fence deal is up to day, 30 days. We stayed home all day, it was a cloudy drizzling day. I wrote Merle a letter.
Monday, November 6, 1961
We went to Elkart to look at some trailers, stared 7:30 got home around 2 o'clock. Ike got his furnace today, finishes up tomorrow.
Tuesday, November 7, 1961
Election day. I was sick last night and still feel awful, I did not vote but Orby did.
Wednesday, November 8, 1961
Had our first little snow, all gone by one o'clock. Flaked snow off and on all day but melted soon as it fell. Mrs. Auston said that Mr. Dennie's son-in-law died Sunday the 4th of November. Mrs. Roosevelt pasted away.
Thursday, November 9, 1961
I paid Orby $40.00 of Oakwood (can't read all). Nice day, I did my wash. Orpha and Claudia was here a while. Dad went to Kalamazoo to see about tires for car.
Friday, November 10, 1961
Did my ironing. Orpha called, she was here yesterday. We thought she might get worse with her cold but she says she felt pretty good. Its a nice day. We got payment from Walling $65.00. Paid out for 2 tires and 4 plastic covers for the furniture.
Saturday, November 11, 1961
Went to see a Franklin trailer in trailer park across from implement store. Then went to store on Kilgore Road, bought hand gag $2.62 and candy 55ct. $3.29 paid $10.83 for dresses. Orpha and Rosemary was to our place for supper and stayed till 8:00 had a nice visit.
Sunday, November 12, 1961
Have gathered up the things I will take to Arizona. Dorothy, Ken and Bushie was here today, brought over our Christmas for us. I want to get to town to get there before we leave for Arizona. I received from Dorothy and Ken a large swan with flowers, from Bushie a donkey with fruit and Dad got a real nice flash light.
Monday, November 13, 1961
I sold Orby wool blanket for $5.00. (Have no idea how they divided their money) I am washing 2 light green blankets for Orby today. Orpha and girls was over, paid $100.00. I did lot of packing, getting ready to leave next week. Mrs. Roosevelt was buried.
Tuesday, November 14, 1961
I did some packing and sorted out some things to take to Arizona, when we go.
Wednesday, November 15, 1961
Got my clock from Aldens. $14.98. Daisy and Ike was here a while. Ike and Dad went to the new store there were lots of bargains. Bananas 5 ct. a dozen. Bread 2 loafs for 29 cents. Lots of things were on sale. The new manager name is Thompson sold out store to Bill Meonrrell, Town and Country Store.
Thursday, November 16, 1961
We were home all day. Dad went to Plainwell and bought me a Silver curl for Orpha to put my hair up tomorrow. It was drizzling off and on all day.
Friday, November 17, 1961
I am going to Orphas to get my hair fixed. Went and got hair fixed also stopped at Dr. and he gave me flood pressure med. He will soon be 85 years old. They may go to Florida after Christmas. I paid Orby for red flash light $2.42.
Saturday, November 18, 1961
Sunday, November 19, 1961
I paid Orby $10.00 today.
Tuesday, November 20, 1961
We may start to Arizona, well we did and had a nice day for it and trip was just fine. We paid $5.00 to stay all night.
Wednesday, November 21, 1961
Started out at day light and it was a little cloudy. We paid $4.00 besides tax last night, we stayed to a place we had stayed 3 times before.
Thursday, November 22, 1961
Thanksgiving. We had chicken on the road, cake and had a very nice Thanksgiving. stayed all night, paid $5.00 plus tax at Las Cruses, Mexico.
Friday, November 23, 1961
Got to Merle's around noon and i sure was glas as Merle was home waiting for us. We come through Tucson.
Saturday, November 24, 1961
We shopped around looking at trailers. Merle and us did not buy.
Sunday, November 25, 1961
Joyce come over to Merles, we had a turkey dinner, it was a nice day, but I had a headache so bad.
Monday, November 26, 1961
Went to look at trailers and took supper with Bessie, she don't look too well. I have stomach burn. She gave me some Med, it sure helped.
Tuesday, November 27, 1961
Rented Motel the 28th, paid $15.00 per week. Willards come over in the evening. Merle and Letha was over. Ole West Motel, Johnny cole owner.
Wednesday, November 28, 1961
Went to Joyce, gave Connie a doll. We will go over to Merles to iron my dresses. I paid Orby $11.69 in full to date, all I owe him.
Thursday, November 29, 1961
Tomorrow is last day of November. Sent $10.22 to Consumers Power Co. and a letter to George Wallace about the payment.
Friday, November 30, 1961

October 1961

(Rosa continues to have headaches..and high blood pressure, but still does an amazing amount of work for an 80 year old. Orby keeps the "Gentleman's farm" going and seems to have worked out some peace between the neighbor and himself)

Sunday, October 1, 1961
Stayed home, I fixed one of my dresses smaller, it is the one Daisy gave me.
Monday, October 2, 1961
Went to Orphas, she was over to Claudia's. I went there, and we all went back to Orphas to wash. Claudia does her wash to Buds. Bought me cold tablet to day, got letter from Bessie.
Tuesday, October 3, 1961
I did my washing and also ironed today. Make a pie, I washed 2 quilts.
Wednesday, October 4, 1961
I fixed over a dress and we went to Daisy's after supper. My head hurts so we did not stay long, got papers to read.
Thursday, October 5, 1961
Dad went to Kalamazoo, I washed out 3 dresses. Called Dennis and she was over to Mr. Austins, so I talked to him. They leave tomorrow for Florida.
Friday, October 6, 1961
Mrs. Dennis just called, they were ready to start on their journey, it is 1:30 o'clock, they go through Kokomo Indiana, will stay there all night, maybe over Sunday. I made one of my dresses smaller, washed windows in front room.
Saturday, October 7, 1961
Summer just told us he was going to take his cattle out in 30 days and we could put a fence east and he would put one west on line.
Sunday, October 8, 1961
Stayed home, it is a lovely day, sun shining and not too cold, just right. Last night we sat up till eleven o'clock. We saw the Titanic on Wood TV, it was a very sad show, little over 700 was saved. The ice berg was so large, it came on TV at 9:30pm.
Monday, October 9, 1961
Willard Fouts birthday to day, 71 years old, born 1890. (Orby's brother) I vacuumed the whole house today, and cleaned the kitchen.
Tuesday, October 10, 1961
Went to Dr. Goddard and he said blood pressure 224, gave me 2 week medicine. Mr. Walling paid on place today. It is raining today.
Wednesday, October 11, 1961
Bought oil 210 8/10 cost $33.45 today from Web Coal Company. It started to rain this morning, then turned out to be nice day. I got my rubber corset and 2 pair of slippers from Bryant.
Thursday, October 12, 1961
I am little better, I did not go to sleep last night till after 12. Then woke up before 6 this morning, with a bad headache, it is a nice day, wrote Merle a letter.
Friday, October 13, 1961
Got new iron from Montgomery Ward today, hope it turns out to be good. $8.93 tax and shipping.
Saturday, October 14, 1961
Bob was just here, made payment on shop. He was on way to Grand Rapids and we are looking for David and Carolyn for dinner. (David is Merle and Letha's son, his first wife is Carolyn, she was beautiful and was a great at sewing) I ironed with new iron, it seemed to be good. Our pump went haywire, so Orby fixed it.
Sunday, October 15, 1961
Earl and Edith came today. Edith looks some better, she has been sick. Earl is as usual.
Monday, October 16, 1961
Orpha called and said she did not feel too good. I did not answer phone as I was in the bathtub, Orby did.
Tuesday, October 17, 1961
Orpha not much better, I made a banana cake.
Wednesday, October 18, 1961
Imperial butter is good. Orpha called and she is still all stuffed up with a hard cold. I did a small wash and made two pumpkin pies. Daisy and Ike were here a few minutes tonight.
Thursday, October 19, 1961
I did a little ironing and canceled my appointment with doctor.
Friday, October 20, 1961
I washed Orby's pants, shirts and socks today. Made 2 pies, 1 pumpkin and 1 peach.
Saturday, October 21, 1961
My arm is better, I can use it more it sure has been awful sore. Am looking for the Fuller man. I ordered fluff cream and both room deodorizer $4.24. Daisy and Ike was here while this evening.
Sunday, October 22, 1961
It is boggy this morning. Went to Dorothy Boerman for dinner. Had a good time. Dorothy looks a lot better. (One of Daisy's daughters)
Monday, October 23, 1961
Dad put in one fence post between us and Summers, wrote 3 letters to Edith, Merle and Dennis'.
Tuesday, October 24, 1961
Did my wash, hung some outdoors and some in basement. Talked to Orpha she has had a hard cold but is some better. Dad just shot a rooster pheasant. My it is pretty.
Wednesday, October 25, 1961
I went to Orphas, come home at noon, did my ironing, it rained some in afternoon.
Thursday, October 26, 1961
Was going to Wacrusa to see about a Franklin house trailer tomorrow, but around 12 o'clock I took sick so did not go.
Friday, October 27, 1961
Stayed home, Dad went to see trailer at Kalamazoo.
Saturday, October 28, 1961
Today it looks much like rain. Summers took his fence off of us this morning. Drizzling rain.
Sunday, October 29, 1961
It is raining. Daisy just called and wanted us to come over for dinner so we are going. Well here I am again, had a good time and dinner. Then we went over and saw a 21 foot house trailer for $800.00.
Monday, October 30, 1961
I am sending my two bras back to Sears for an exchange. David just called, they are starting to California this forenoon. Said he was to Orpha's twice and no one was at home. It is drizzling rain.
Tuesday, October 31, 1961
Halloween. It is a very nice day. Orby is fixing fence between us and Summers. Went to Daisy's, had a good time. 93 called for trick or treat.