Rosa Della Hann Fouts 2/13/1881 - 3/18/1969

Husband: Orby Edwin Fouts 8/11/1883 - 3-25-1970

Married: 6/5/1946 (yes, 1946)

Children: Daisy (DeKilder) 8/24/1899

Orpha (Gimbel) 8/8/1910

Merle Fouts 7/27/1915

Siblings: Lydia and William

(3 Brothers not listed, died before 1897)

Mother: Nancy Louysia Sopher 2/25/1851 - 10/14/1897

Father: Andrew Marion Hann 4/15/1854 - 11/1/1897

Died 17 days after Nancy, reportedly of a broken heart.

Orby's Siblings: Earl, Willard, Retha and Daisy

Mother: Mary E. Ginkins 6/26/1856 - 12/26/1896

Father: John Fouts 3/24/1852-1937

Friday, August 13, 2010

December 3, 1951 Letter from Rosa Fouts to Gimbel Family

This letter from Rosa Dell Hann Fouts to Orpha, Bud, Bob, Claudia and Rosemary was in with the letters that Orpha saved that her son Bob wrote to her and his Dad during the time he was in the army. If you would like to read his letters, please visit

Mesa Arizona

Dear Orpha, Bud, Bob, Claudia and Rosemary,

I hope this reaches you before Bob leaves. I sure would of loved to have seen him, in fact I think I am a little home sick.
I love the weather here but don't like it as it is so far from all you children.
We are about as usual.
Wish it was so you could come here while we are here.
We was to Glady's last Sunday. Willards was with us, we had a very nice visit. She wanted to get us some dinner but there were 7 of us but she made coffee and we had cake. Swell coffee to as yo know I broke my stem in mine (coffee percolator) before we left and have not bought any, so we make instant coffee, but I like perked the best.
If nothing happens we are leaving Saturday the 8th of December for California.
So if you answer right back return mail, I may not get it but air mail is I think just 1 day ahead of other mail.
You did not say when Bob was leaving for California, we are going to be around San Bernadino, that's where Uncle Henry Bowman lives.
Tell Bud, wages here are not so high but one don't use much fuel and no heavy clothes.
Did Rosemary know Bob?
Oh Orpha, I have very little paper. I forgot to get a tablet and my, I sure write a lot.
Yes, Orpha, I will be praying and praying and please, Orpha, you and bud don't get sick over Bob leaving. I feel he will be safe. I have faith and faith is what counts. The Lord can take care of us better than we can, so we must trust in him.
I too, saw where they are talking peace, I believe we will have it as I think the Russians are beginning to think if they don't do something pretty soon, we will be obliged to use the atom bomb and they don't want their soil all blowed up.
What is Claudia doing? Is she getting ready for Christmas entertainment at school?
You know I told you we went to Gladis and Willard went a long, well we got us a few small cactus and we was not supposed to get them. Then we did not hardily know how to get rid of them but we did. You are not supposed to get them. They are government property but we did not see where it was posted. Well, we have learned better. Gladys told us.
Well Orpha, I want to say so much that probably I won't say anything.
I got a letter from Mrs. Hardy and they are planning on going to Florida.
Dad likes it here a lot better than I do or at least he says so.
I wrote Merle and Joyce both a letter, I hope they have it now.
My it seems months since I saw you children.
We are on a very busy road, if I wasn't I would die from lonely.
Well, I'll be good but if I get too lonely, I will come home, cold, snow, rain or shine. It won't make any difference.
Take good care of yourselves and don't worry too much about Bob and us. We will all be fine and all be home safe and sound someday.
Lots of love to Orpha, bud and the Sweet Children.
Kisses to all and take care of yourselves.
Mother and Dad.