Rosa Della Hann Fouts 2/13/1881 - 3/18/1969

Husband: Orby Edwin Fouts 8/11/1883 - 3-25-1970

Married: 6/5/1946 (yes, 1946)

Children: Daisy (DeKilder) 8/24/1899

Orpha (Gimbel) 8/8/1910

Merle Fouts 7/27/1915

Siblings: Lydia and William

(3 Brothers not listed, died before 1897)

Mother: Nancy Louysia Sopher 2/25/1851 - 10/14/1897

Father: Andrew Marion Hann 4/15/1854 - 11/1/1897

Died 17 days after Nancy, reportedly of a broken heart.

Orby's Siblings: Earl, Willard, Retha and Daisy

Mother: Mary E. Ginkins 6/26/1856 - 12/26/1896

Father: John Fouts 3/24/1852-1937

Monday, September 13, 2010

John Fouts and Susan V. Willison Married October 28, 1915.

This photo was sent to me by my cousin "Rich" Clare Fouts, he is the son of Merle and Letha White Fouts.  The caption on this photo is in Rosa's hand writing and reads:  John Fouts and Susan V. Willison was united in marriage Oct. 28, 1915 and lived in this residence 13 years.

Thank you Clare.

Friday, September 10, 2010

My favorite photo of Rosa Dell Hann

This is my favorite photo of Grandma and her sister, Grandma is the younger one on the left and you can almost see the energy in her that she drew from all of her life...she's ready to get down and get moving.

More photos

I am adding some more photos here.

Seems like everyday I learn something new, and that includes how to display these photos in a size that they can be viewed easier.  So, having said that, some of these are already here on the blog, but they deserve a closer look.

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