Rosa Della Hann Fouts 2/13/1881 - 3/18/1969

Husband: Orby Edwin Fouts 8/11/1883 - 3-25-1970

Married: 6/5/1946 (yes, 1946)

Children: Daisy (DeKilder) 8/24/1899

Orpha (Gimbel) 8/8/1910

Merle Fouts 7/27/1915

Siblings: Lydia and William

(3 Brothers not listed, died before 1897)

Mother: Nancy Louysia Sopher 2/25/1851 - 10/14/1897

Father: Andrew Marion Hann 4/15/1854 - 11/1/1897

Died 17 days after Nancy, reportedly of a broken heart.

Orby's Siblings: Earl, Willard, Retha and Daisy

Mother: Mary E. Ginkins 6/26/1856 - 12/26/1896

Father: John Fouts 3/24/1852-1937

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Hello Tiffany!

I just received information from one of our new blog readers and she is one of our relatives!  How great is that?

Tiffany provided the following photos for me to share.  She is from the White and the DeKilder side of our family.
Letha Mae White Fouts is holding Clare with Joyce and David in front of her (her children with Merle Fouts), Letha Louise Baker Louis is next to Letha and she is holding Janet Lewis and Sandra Lee Lewis is in front.

David, Joyce and Clare Fouts.

Fred Mullet and Joyce Fouts wedding photo.

Letha White Fouts and Merle Fouts.

Letha White Fouts and Merle Fouts.

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